The Truth of God's Word for Japan

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The Truth of God's Word for Japan


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Back to the Bible is the US radio ministry started by Dr. Theodore Epp in 1939. Starting with radio, the ministry now uses a wide variety of media to deliver the message of the Bible to 25 global regions in the World's top languages. In April, 2004, Back to the Bible staff came to Japan and began consultations with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) here. In November of 2004 "Musekinin Chuukan Hojin" BJapan was incorporated jointly by Back to the Bible and TEAM, and began its activities.


  • 1891 - TEAM begins its mission outreach to Japan
  • June 1939 - Theodore Epp founds Back to the Bible in Lincoln, NE.
  • June 1986 - TEAM missionary Steve Tygert organizes the Friendship Radio project
  • October 1987 - Friendship Radio begins its 24 hour a day broadcast from Setagaya Ward, Tokyo
  • October 1993 - Friendship Radio's broadcast area extends nationwide
  • January 1995 - Friendship Radio founder Steve Tygert passes away
  • June 2001 - Friendship Radio expands to satellite broadcasts
  • April 2004 - Back to the Bible and TEAM begin consultations
  • November 2004 - Musekinin Chuukan Hojin, BJapan is founded
  • April 2005 - BJapan founding ceremony in Tokyo, representatives of BB Int'l present
  • June 2005 - corporate offices registered
  • January 2006 - BJapan managing board founded
  • March 2006 - BJapan Board of Directors founded
  • April 2006 - Become member of Japan Evangelical Association
  • May 2006 - Start of internet streaming

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