The Truth of God's Word for Japan

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The Truth of God's Word for Japan

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Pray for Japan

On March 3, 2011 the world watched in horror as a tsunami engulfed hundreds of miles of Japan's northeast coastline, washing away town after town and claiming 20,000 lives.

This event re-shaped the psyche of the Japanese people. All that they had worked so hard to create -- homes, businesses, farms, villages, to say nothing of families and loved ones -- were swept away so easily. Confusion and depression, lack of hope and confidence in the future, have taken deep roots in people's hearts.

The church in Japan, as small as it is, has made a difference. All groups, of all political and religious and ideological persuasion, rushed in to help in the immediate aftermath. But it is the church that has stayed, continuing to be the hands and feet of Jesus, showing His love to people trying to reclaim their lives and move forward.

Pray for Japan, and for the church here, as we not only share that "cup of cold water" but also share from the Word what is real, what is lasting, and what cannot be washed away by a mere tidal wave.


Japan's first 24/7 Christian broadcast, Friendship Radio, was begun by Steve Tyger of the The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM), an organization with over 120 years of evangelism in Japan.

In April of 2005, BJapan was created in cooperation between TEAM and Back to the Bible, a worldwide broadcast ministry with a 70 year history, based in Lincoln, NE.

"Let's get Back to the Bible!" With that rallying cry, we want to meet the needs of Christians, and lead to a vital, growing church in Japan.

Our Mission

In order to proclaim God's Word to our fellow Japanese, and raise their awareness of the Truth contained within it, we endeavor to:

• Produce programs and other media content

• Engage in the broadcast and distribution of that media

• Support Japan's many small churches with practical aid, projects and support.

Your gift for the Japanese church can be sent online at this link.

Or funds can be earmarked for Japan and mailed to

Back to the Bible

P.O. Box 82808

Lincoln, NE 68528


If you are outside of the US, funds can be wired internationally to

Mizuho Bank, Kudan Branch

SWIFT: MHBKJPJT 532-1008505

Account Type: Regular

Account Name: Ippanshadanhoujin BJapan

Account Number: 1008505

God bless you, and thank you for your prayers for Japan

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